Medarts Weight Loss Clinic in San Diego

Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego offers fully customized weight management programs to get you looking and feeling your best. Tired of crash diets with no results? Medarts can get you on the right track. Our weight loss specialists are trained and ready to help you reach your goal, no matter what it is!


Medarts Weight Loss Services in San Diego

Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego offer a variety of health and beauty services to help you get fit and healthy! No matter your goal, our specialists will help you reach it with a custom targeted weight management plan.

Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego offer a variety of Vitamin and Wellness shots to give you a kick of energy, boost your immunity, speed up your metabolism and more!

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The hardest part of losing weight can often times be containing an overeager appetite. Medarts Weight Loss in San Diego offers anorectics and appetite suppressants to help control your hunger.

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Lipotropic injections are an incredible way to burn fat when you are trying to lose weight. Lipotropic Injections from Medarts in San Diego target fat to give you the lean body you are looking for. 

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Unlock a new you with weight loss

When you lose weight you unleash a new you. You will find yourself with more energy and the ability to participate in all of the activites you missed out on.



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Medarts Weight Loss Specialists use tried and true FDA approved custom weight loss programs to help individuals meet their health and wellness goals. Over the years, we have had countless success stories of people who had tried all of the fad diets and hot workout routines with no results,only to see the Medarts Weight Loss difference!


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Medarts Weight Loss cares about our patients. We are not trying to just make a quick buck or encourage short term weight loss. We want long lasting results and the lifestyle changes that come with it. Our team will listen to what you have to say and your expectations, and provide a reasonable and achievable plan to reach that goal. We offer fully customized weight loss plans instead of one-size-fits-all cookie cutter plans, perfectly tailored to your needs, your body and your personality. Get the perfect weight management plan for you, prescribed by experts who are certified in Bariatric Medicine, at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in downtown San Diego.

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