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We may be called Medarts Weight Loss Specialists, but we are about more than losing weight and weight management plans. Our goal is to help people in San Diego look and feel their best, offering a variety of ways to unleash your beautiful self. That us why we have paired with Le Mieux, a top skin and beauty product line, to give the customers and clients at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists access to the very best products.

le mieux skin care products at Medarts

Le Mieux is a name that is synonymous with health and beauty. Le Mieux is the company behind many of the most widely used health and beauty supplies, and Medarts is proud to offer a wide ranging supply of their outstanding products. We carry Cleansers, Toners, Eye Care, Lip Care, Serums, Sun Care, Masks and more! Also, Le Mieux is the same line that we use for our "backbar" items for our skin tightening/ body contouring treatments as well as our microdermabrasion and facials.

What Le Mieux Products are available at Medarts Weight Loss in San Diego?

Medarts Weight Loss Specialists carry an array of products from Le Mieux at our downtown San Diego location. If you want to read a brief overlay of all of the products from Le Mieux that is available at our San Diego location, click a link below. We list and describe the wide variety of products we carry, as well as what the product will best treat.

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 le mieux products at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists

If you live in San Diego and are interested in getting a top of the line skin care product, contact Medarts Weight Loss Specialists. Located in downtown San Diego, we can advise you on what products or collection of products from Le Mieux is best for your skin tone, skin type and skin goals. We have certified experts on staff ready to help you get the look you are going for at an affordable price. Contact Medarts Weight Loss Specialists today by calling (619) 866-3333.