Le Mieux Products at medarts Weight Loss San Diego

Le Mieux Products in San Diego from Medarts Weight Loss Specialists.

Le Mieux is a name that is synonymous with health and beauty. Le Mieux is the company behind many of the most widely used health and beauty supplies, and Medarts is proud to offer a wide ranging supply of their outstanding products. We carry Cleansers, Toners, Eye Care, Lip Care, Serums, Sun Care, Masks and more! Also, Le Mieux is the same line that we use for our "backbar" items for our skin tightening/ body contouring treatments as well as our microdermabrasion and facials.

List of Le Mieux Products at Medarts Weight Loss in San Diego

Below we list all of the products Medarts carries at our San Diego location from Le Mieux. If you have any questions about our offered products please contact us. This is a list of Le Mieux products we have at our physical location, however there are many other products that Le Mieux carries that we can also order if a client requests the product.

Cleansers and Toner at medarts weight loss san diego

Cleansers and Toners from Le Mieux from Medarts San Diego.

Phyto-Nutrient Cleansing Gel

The Le Mieux Phyto-Nutrient Cleansing Gel is a wonderful cleanser to remove makeup and any surface grime or dirt. The great thing about the Phyto-Nutrient Cleansing Gel is that it cleans and the skin while still keeping your skin looking vibrant, natural and moist. This cleansing gel is perfect for all skin types, no matter how sensitive your skin may be.

Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

Give your pores a deep cleaning with the oil-free Exfoliating Cleansing Gel from Le Mieux. This Gel contains lactic acids and salicylic acid  to fight acne and reduce the chance of breakouts. These acids remove excess dead skin cells and oil on the skin on your face, reducing the chance of pimples popping up. The gel contains all natural extracts that soothe your skin, keeping it youthful and clear. If you have oily skin that tends to be prone to blemishes, you need the Le Mieux Exfoliating Cleansing Gel.

Phto-Marine Cleansing Lotion

Le Mieux offers the Phyto-Marine Cleansing Lotion to remove surface impurities while keeping your skin hydrated, moist, smooth and soft. Nobody wants dry or cracked skin, and often time cleansers can dry out your skin. This cream based lotion is perfect for removing makeup and cleaning your face while keeping your skin vibrant and beautiful. 

Peptide Foam Cleanser

Smoothly and safely wash makeup, dirt and grime off of your face with the Peptide Foam Cleanser, part of the Le Mieux product line. This cleanser features 3 peptides (mango seed butter, natural oils & red algae extract) to keep the skin youthful and fresh. If you want a cleanser that leaves your skin vibrant, soft and full of moisture get the Le Mieux Peptide Foam Cleanser.

Brightening Cleanser

The Le Mieux Brightening Cleanser gently washes the skin, leaving your face and skin feeling soft, looking fresh, vibrant & glowing. The cleanser is perfect for those with uneven pigmentation, and leaves your skin both bright and balanced. Featuring the master antioxidant glutathione and other all natural extracts, the Le Mieux Brightening Cleanser is a great way to remove surface impurities.

Essence Toner

The Le Mieux Essence Toner is perfect for hydrating dry skin. This toner has powerful antioxidants in it, so you reap the full benefits of the detox that comes with antioxidants. This lightweight toner will not only soften the skin, but also refresh it!

Brightening Toner

If you have dry skin and want perfect skin, the Le Mieux Brightening Toner is for you! This Toner illuminates your skin to give you a vibrant and youthful look. It minimizes dark spots and leaves you with a perfect balance in your skin tone. With several all natural extracts, this hydrating toner will leave you with moist skin that is soft to the touch and radiant to the eye.

Exfoliants at medarts weight loss san diego

Microderm Exfoliant

The Microderm Exfoliant is an excellent Microdermabrasion exfoliating scrub. The scrub gently exfoliates dead skin from the surface of your skin and cleans and eradicates surface impurities. On top of the cleansing properties, the Microderm Exfoliant also leaves your skin looking radiant! Get a vibrant and soft complexion with beautiful skin tone and texture. 

Vita-C Clear Skin Pad

The Le Mieux Vita-C Clear Skin Pad is infused with Vitamin C to gently exfoliate and smooth out the skin. The exfoliating pad can help smooth out wrinkles and fine lines on the face, leaving you looking more youthful. The pad also helps imporve the tone of your skin, leaving it more radiant and beautiful.

Skin Clarifying Pad

The Skin Clarifying Pad from the Le Mieux line of products is a gentle pad that exfoliates and clears up the skin. This exfoliating pad can help clear up any clogged pores you may have and fix any imperfections in your skin's complexion. If you have unwanted blemishes on the skin, a mild to moderate skin irritation or just want to be proactive in fighting acne breakouts get the skin clarifying pad from Le Mieux.

Serums at medarts weight loss san diego

Get Collagen and other serums from San Diego Medarts Weight Loss.

Vita-C Serum Revives and clarifies your skin

VITA-C Serum is a concentrated serum that features 2 different forms of vitamin C and is designed to restore a youthful glow to your skin. It will clarify and balance any unevenness in your skin tone while softening and smoothing rough and flaky skin. VITA-C Serum will also help protect skin from environmental damage. 

EGF-DNA is a the physician's choice to repair and heal your skin

EGF-DNA is the physician's choice for skin that is aging or irritated. It is an epidermal growth factor serum that enhances the skin;s texture and restores a youthful and healthy glow. This serum will smooth the appearance of flaky and dry skin.

Hyaluronic Serum Hydrates and Smoothes your skin

Hyaluronic Serum is a deep absorbing complex that intensely hydrates the skin and smoothes wrinkles and lines on your face. It is able to moisturize the skin without clogging pores, making it a perfect moisturizer for acne prone skin.

Rx Complex Serum

The RX Complex Serum by Le Mieux is available at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in Downtown San Diego. The RX Complex Serum is an all-in-one treatment for dry skin and the unfortunate signs of aging. Get rid of wrinkles, moisturize your skin and get radiant skin with the RX Complex Serum.

TGF-B Booster is a serum to firm and boost your skin

A TGF Booster is a serum that deeply hydrates to promote firmness of the skin, reduce the visibility to wrinkles and lines and restore a healthy and youthful glow to the face. It also helps prevent collagen breakdown in the face and boosts the results of other products for skincare. If you have dry and sensitive skin with a few more wrinkles than you would like, TGF-B Booster may be for you.

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Derma Relief Serum

Get almost instantaneous relief for extraordinarily dry skin with the derma relief serum from Le Mieux. The Derma Relief Serum is infused with Vitamin E and ceramides to soothe the skin, leaving it soft and supple. The Derma Relief Serum is available for purchase at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists 

Collagen Peptide Serum lifts and firms your skin

Collagen Peptide serum is a celebrity favorite, so treat yourself like the stars and improve the appearance of sagging skin and facial contours. It will also enhance the texture of your skin, keeping it hydrated and helping the skin retain moisture. If you have dry skin, Collagen Peptide serum may be for you.

Retinol Serum

The Retinol Serum from Le Mieux features a small amount of Retinol (approximately 0.5%) to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other unsightly lines to help you look younger and more beautiful. The Retinol Serum also improves the look and feel of your skin, giving it a radiant glow and a soft feel. Get young and luscious skin with the Retinol Serum from the Le Mieux skin care line, available for purchase at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego, California.

Brightening Serum

The Brightening Serum is a powerful product that features amazing brightening substances and agents to help reduce the appearance of troubling blemishes. The Brightening Serum also reduces dark spots on your skin, creating a more even skin tone that is more aesthetically pleasing. Finally, the serum will give you bright and vibrant skin to give you a youthful flow as you cruise to the beach in San Diego.

Eye/Lip Care at medarts weight loss san diego

Eye Wrinkle Corrector is an award winning skin firmer and brightener

The Eye Wrinkle Corrector is another award winner and celebrity favorite for its ability to firm and lift eye contours while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles around the eyes, puffiness and dark circles. Get a more youthful and vibrant look with Eye Wrinkle Corrector from Le Mieux.

Eye & Lip Cream

Le Mieux offers amazing eye and lip creams to get you looking and feeling great! This eye and lip cream gives you moist and silky skin that is smooth to the touch. The skin around the eyes and lips can tend to get dry and cracked, but this eye and lip cream will smooth out the skin. Reduce the appearance of any wrinkles or fine lines on the face with the eye and lip cream from Le Mieux, available at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in Downtown San Diego.

Sun Care at medarts weight loss san diego

Skin Protective Emulsion

The Skin Protective Emulsion spray from Le Mieux is a great way to protect your skin from the dangers of UV Rays from the sun. The light spray is made of minerals that provide a boost of protection in a easily absorbed mist. This spray features a slew of antioxidants and mineral filters to give your skin the amazing protection it needs.

Masks at medarts weight loss san diego

Bio Cell+ mask brightens and clarifies your skin

A Bio Cell+ Mask is an award winner and celebrity favorite is known as the "OMG Mask" because of the amazing results it brings. The mask hydrates your skin to brighten and firm the skin in just 15 minutes! Try the mask today if you have dry skin that could use some hydration or some wrinkles you want to hide.

TGF-B Eye Firming Mask

The TGF-B Eye Firming Mask is one of the incredible masks available at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego. The Le Mieux TGF-B Eye Firming Mask is a cooling mask that reduces lines and dark circles around the eyes. The mask will also drastically reduce the puffiness around the eyes, leaving your eyes and the area around it looming youthful and beautiful.

Sets at medarts weight loss san diego

Clear Skin Solutions Kit

The Clear Skin Solutions Kit from Le Mieux is the perfect kit to fight acne and breakouts. This acne-control system features an Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, Iso-Cell Recovery Solution, Beta Acid Exfoliant and A&E Corrector spot treatment. This bundle from Le Mieux is the solution to anyone who struggles with acne and pimples, and is available for purchase at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego, California.

Age Defying Beauty Essentials

The Age Defying Beauty Essentials set from Le Mieux skin care line is a must have for anyone who wants youthful and beautiful skin. The set contains the Le Mieux Peptide Foam Cleanser, the Essence Toner, the Collagen Peptide Serum, an Eye Wrinkle Corrector and the 24 Hr. Age-Defying Cream. Use all of these products in unison and you will get beautiful and radiant skin that will make you look younger. Get the Age-Defying Beauty Essentials bundle from Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in Downtown San Diego.

Perfect Start Beauty Essentials

The Perfect Start Beauty Essential Set from Le Mieux is available at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego. This bundle features everything you need to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines while simultaneously improving the texture and shine of your skin. Get radiant, beautiful skin with a set featuring a Phyto-Nutrient Cleansing Gel, an Essence Toner, a TGF-β Booster, an Eye-Wrinkle Corrector and a Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream. Come to Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in Downtown San Diego for the Perfect Start Beauty Essentials Bundle today!

Device at medarts weight loss san diego

Facial Scrubber/ Skin Perfector

The Facial Scrubber from Le Mieux is available at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego. This facial scrubber revives your skin with four different skin treatments merged into one. This skin perfecting tool works to deep clean the skin while also exfoliating dead skin follicles. The Facial Scrubber also extracts and infuses treatments into the skin, resulting in skin that is healthy, bright and smooth.