Unlock a New You by Losing Weight & Getting Healthy

Benefits of losing weight in San Diego at Medarts.

Many people think of weight loss as a purely aesthetic change. A weight loss journey may begin with an eye towards a transformation that will make you look better in a bathing suit, but weight loss has benefits that go far beyond superficial gains. When you lose weight, you look better, feel better and live better. Medarts Weight Loss Specialists can offer weight loss plans to unlock a new you.

Sleep Better

A lot of people have trouble sleeping. It can be issues falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting quality of sleep. Regardless, sleep issues can make you more lethargic throughout the day and have trouble focusing. Enter weight loss. After losing weight, research has shown that the quality of your sleep increases, and you sleep better and longer throughout the night. Also, many find that after losing weight they can also beat sleep apnea and snoring.

Increase your sex drive & Sexual performance

When you lose weight, not only does your body begin to resemble what it looked like when you were a teenager, but your libido does too! Weight loss is correlated with an increase in testosterone, and with that comes a stronger sex drive. Losing only 10 pounds is enough to increase your sex hormones. Also, better physical fitness has been associated with greater satisfaction sexually, as the increase in stamina and energy leads to longer and more pleasurable experience for both parties.  

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Improve your mood

While you improve your physical fitness, your mental fitness also goes along for the ride. Working out releases endorphins, which are the feel good, good mood chemicals our brain craves. If you have ever heard anyone mention a "runner's high", they are referring to a release of endorphins into the body after a great workout. Endorphins can also reduce the amount of pain you feel and make you have overwhelming positive thoughts and feelings.

Clearer and more vibrant skin

Losing weight can give your skin a healthy and happy glow! Eating clean and nutritious food can help clear up your complexion, giving you a beautiful and youthful skin. Also, because you are working out and sweating, you detoxify your body and push chemicals and oils out of the skin. If you want to further beautify your skin, try Le Mieux Skin Products, a chemical peel, or Thermalift Skin Tightening from Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego.

get sick less often

Nobody likes getting sick. It is a nuisance to have o be laid up in bed when you are under the weather, but when you lose weight you can find yourself getting sick less and less often. When you lose weight you are sleeping more often, getting healthy food in your body, and working out on the regular. All of these actions will boost your immunity and help you stay healthy! If you want a further immunity boost, try a Vitamin Injection from Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego.

Less Prescription medication

Not only does losing weight make you look and feel great, it can also help solve a lot of peripherally health issues. Losing weight can help reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes, anxiety, stress, and other health problems. When you lose weight, some issues you thought would be with you the rest of your life may magically disappear! Get rid of the treasure trove of prescription medication and lose weight to feel fit and healthy.

Medarts Weight Loss Specialists can unlock a new you!

Are you ready to unlock the new you? The you who has the energy ands vibrance to travel, try yoga, go on hikes and succeed in the office? Medarts Weight Loss Specialists offer weight loss plans to help you get on track. Contact Medarts today to get started by calling (619) 866-3333.