Use Thermalift to Complete Your Weight Loss Transformation

Tighten skin in San Diego with Thermalift at Medarts.

Losing weight wasn’t easy, but you did it. Congratulations! You set a goal, you stuck to your program, and now you’re ready to show off your new body. If you’re anything like our clients, you even refreshed your wardrobe, buying all sorts of skimpy outfits to display your trim figure.

But…if you lost a serious amount of weight, you might not look quite as toned as you’d expected to after shedding all those pounds. In fact, you may even still look kind of flabby due to the loose folds of skin hanging from your upper arms, your abs, even your thighs. So now, instead of strutting around confidently in your new strapless mini-dress, you’re still hiding inside your old baggy clothes.

That’s not what you signed up for, is it?

Well guess what? You don’t have to resign yourself to living with unsightly sagging skin. You’ve done the hard part and lost the weight. Now, you can complete your transformation with Thermalift.

Why Does My skin sag after losing weight?

Your skin is composed of naturally elastic connective tissues, designed to stretch and contract as you move and grow. When you gain weight, your skin stretches to accommodate the extra girth. If you keep that weight on for a long time, though, your skin conforms to the larger shape, making it difficult to shrink back down when you eventually drop the pounds. Couple that with the declining levels of collagen in your body that naturally occur as you age, and you’ve got a recipe for stretched-out skin.

How Can Thermalift help Get Rid of Sagging Skin?

At Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego, we’re proud to offer Thermalift, the solution to your post-weight loss skin problems. Thermalift is a safe, effective, and non-surgical skin tightening treatment designed to shrink your excess flab and help you achieve that toned look you’ve been working so hard for. Using radio frequency technology, Thermalift beams energy deep beneath the surface of your skin, triggering contractions and stimulating collagen production. The end result is tighter, firmer, smoother skin – and a confident new you.

What Can I expect from Thermalift treatments?

Thermalift is a quick and painless procedure, performed in our downtown San Diego office, and can be applied virtually anywhere on your body where you have loose, sagging skin. Treatments generally take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, but can vary depending on the location and size of your target area. Since Thermalift is a non-invasive procedure with zero downtime, you can get your treatments done on your lunch break, and go back to work right away. At most, you may experience some temporary redness in the treated areas, similar to sunburn, but it should fade quickly.

Several treatments may be necessary to achieve your desired results, though some people do see changes to their skin immediately following their first Thermalift session. Your specialist will work with you to customize your treatment plan and leave you looking your best.

Medarts Weight Loss Specialists Are Thermalift Experts

Not only can Medarts Weight Loss Specialists help you slim down, but we can also walk you through this final step on your weight loss journey: tightening up your excess skin. Our Thermalift technicians are knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to your satisfaction. With Medarts and Thermalift, you can step out of your baggy clothes and into that new strapless mini-dress with confidence. Contact us at (619) 866-3333 to set up your consultation.