Your Summer Weight Loss Plan Starts Now

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Here in San Diego, swimsuit season starts a little early. While the rest of the country is busy cleaning up the remnants of their last snowfall, we’re getting ready to strap on our bikinis and hit the beach.

Right now, though, we’re still firmly planted in the middle of winter. So while you know you want to shed a few pounds before you let anyone see you in a two-piece, you’re not worried about it yet. You’ve still got another couple of months to sit on the couch scarfing Cheez Doodles and binge-watching Netflix. Then, sometime around Memorial Day, you’ll sign up for an extreme boot camp and do a juice cleanse. It’s a solid plan, right?

Actually, it’s not.

Crash diets don’t work

Starving yourself may help you drop a dress size quickly, but the weight loss you experience from a crash diet isn’t designed to last. The severe restrictions on calories can slow down your metabolism, making it more likely that you’ll put the weight back on – and have an even tougher time getting it off again.

What’s more, extreme weight loss regimens can make you sick. Short-term effects can include dizziness, nausea, and irritability – none of which is a good look, no matter how banging your bikini bod is. Even worse are the potential long-term effects on your health. By depriving your body of important nutrients, you raise the risk of developing deadly illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Weight loss is a lifestyle

A crash diet may give you immediate results, but it can also cause a lifetime of regrets. So it’s time to reframe the way you think about losing weight: Instead of counting on the quick fix, make long-lasting changes to your lifestyle. By establishing healthy habits, you create a foundation for safe, effective, and permanent weight loss.

Start forming healthy habits now

Research says it takes at least two months for a new habit to form, so if you want to fit into that bikini by summer, it’s time to start establishing those habits now. Some changes you can start incorporating into your daily life include:

Easing into a workout routine

Throwing yourself headfirst into a grueling boot camp is a good way to burn out quickly – or to hurt yourself. Instead, start slow. Ease yourself into a routine to build up your strength and lay the groundwork for more intense workouts to come.

Planning your meals

Always start your day with a nutritious breakfast. Prep a week’s worth of lunches in one night. And to avoid last-minute runs to the drive-thru, plan your dinners ahead of time, keeping healthy ingredients on hand.

Practicing portion control

If you’re a chocoholic, adopting a diet with a strict “no sugar” rule will only lead to a late-night brownie binge. Instead of depriving yourself of the foods you love, eat smaller portions. If you have trouble controlling your urges, consider an appetite suppressant

You don’t have to lose weight alone

If you’ve spent years or even decades fighting those extra pounds on your own, then maybe it’s time to ask for help. A medical professional can provide you with a healthy weight loss plan, including nutritional and exercise recommendations, vitamin injections, and any other support you need to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Medarts can help you lose weight in San Diego

If you’re ready to get your body in shape for summer, Medarts Weight Loss Specialists can help. Our staff is comprised of medical professionals who are trained, experienced, and dedicated to your success. We’ll work with you to customize a safe, effective weight loss plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. Not only do we offer medical weight loss supplements and nutrient-rich injections, but we also provide one-on-one support to help you through the process.

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