Boost Diet & Exercise with Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic weight loss injections in San Diego.

One of the biggest obstacles to any weight loss program is diminished motivation. And the longer a person works without results, the faster motivation goes downhill. If you’re struggling with diet and exercise without seeing changes on the scale or the way you feel, weight loss injections might be a useful tool to help you reach your goals.

No, weight loss injections are not a “cheat.” They’re also not drugs.  Weight loss injections provide your body with additional nutrients and are meant to supplement a healthy diet and exercise routine, not replace it.

If you’re looking to boost your diet and exercise with weight loss injections, read on to learn more about those we offer at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists.   

What are Lipotropic Injections?

In order to understand how lipotropic injections aid in weight loss, it’s important to first understand the role your liver plays in your metabolism. Among its many functions, your liver processes the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. Lipotropic injections help increase lecithin in your liver. Lecithin breaks down fat into smaller molecules (known as fatty acids), which your body can then use as instant energy. So not only do lipotropic injections help your body eliminate fat, but the process also helps give an extra boost of energy to your workout.

Lipotropic Injections at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists

Lipotropic injections usually consist of a combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help your body burn fat and distribute energy. They can also help stabilize your blood sugar, reduce your appetite, cleanse your liver of stored fat, and even provide anti-aging results. Because not everyone’s needs are the same, at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists, we offer several different types of lipotropic injections.

Lipo-Den Extreme Lipotropic Injection for immunity & weight loss

This formula helps suppress the appetite, break down fats and carbohydrates, boost the immune system, and reduce cholesterol.

L-Carnitine Lipotropic Injection to burn fat

This simple formula helps your body burn fat, so that when you work out you actually get results.

Lipo-B Lipotropic Injection for fat burning and detox

This formula increases your fat metabolism and cleanses your liver of stored fat, allowing it to become more efficient in the processing of the foods you eat.

Glutathione Lipotropic Injection for detox & immunity

Glutathione is a super hero antioxidant detoxifier that has the power to improve everything from your immune system to your vision to your memory to your skin. It can also aid weight loss by increasing your strength and endurance so you can work out both harder and longer.

Vitamin injections for Energy and Metabolism

Have you ever noticed that when you eat poorly, you feel tired and worn out? And then when you start to make healthy food choices, you feel more energetic and able to accomplish more? This is because our bodies respond to the nutrients (or lack of nutrients) in the food we eat. So when you switch from eating fast food and begin eating wholesome, home-cooked meals, you’re giving your body more of what it needs to function efficiently.

Now imagine: what if you could take some of those wholesome nutrients from your home-cooked food and inject them directly into your body? You’d probably feel pretty darn good, right? Well, that’s exactly what vitamin injections do. They provide you with the nutrients that aid in the optimal functioning of your body.

Vitamin Injections at Medarts Weight Loss San Diego

What does this mean for weight loss? Sometimes, when diet and exercise alone don’t produce results, it’s because the body does not have everything it needs to work properly. So no matter how little a person eats or how many hours they spend on the treadmill, the weight still won’t come off. Or maybe that person just can’t seem to muster the energy needed to even get to the gym. Often, vitamin deficiencies are to blame. And at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists, we’ve found that in many cases, vitamin injections are the key to reaching weight loss goals.

Vitamin C Injection for the immune system & fat burning

Vitamin C helps keep your immune system healthy, and it can also help you burn body fat during moderate exercise.

Vitamin B6 Injection for stress reduction and hormone balance

Vitamin B6 aids in stress reduction and helps keep your hormones in balance. In addition, it helps your body extract nutrients from food. So if you’re counting calories and eating a small lunch, vitamin B6 will help make sure you get the most out of every chickpea and green bean in your salad.

Vitamin B12 Injection for energy and losing weight

Vitamin B12 is the energy vitamin. When you’re low on B12, you’re going to be low, period. If mustering the energy to get outside for a bike ride is your biggest challenge, vitamin B12 injections might be exactly the right next step on your weight loss journey.

Vitamin B-Complex Injection for cholesterol and metabolism

All the B vitamins at once? Yes! The benefits of B-complex injections include increasing your good cholesterol and lowering the bad, metabolizing fats and carbohydrates into energy, protecting the immune system, and providing anti-aging effects.

Weight loss injections might be the key to weight loss

At Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego, we specialize in weight loss, and if you’re struggling to lose weight, we can help. Our individualized programs include cutting-edge weight loss technology and one-on-one support by qualified and certified weight loss experts. Contact Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego by calling (619) 866-3333. Let us help you reach your weight loss goals.