7 Ways to to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Lose weight with a fast metabolism in San Diego.

You work out. You eat well. But still you can’t seem to lose weight and slim down. Sure, extra hours at the gym might do the trick, but what if they don’t? And besides, who has any time to spare?

If you want to lose more weight in less time, you need a healthy metabolism that will keep burning calories even when you’re not working out. Before you clock in more hours on the treadmill, take a look at these 7 ways to boost your metabolism.

1. high intensity interval training

You’ll burn more calories in less time by incorporating short bursts of high intensity to your swim, walk, or run. And because you’ll consume more oxygen than you would during a steady endurance session, you’ll also increase your post-exercise metabolism. Research shows that a single session of “high intensity interval” training can keep you burning calories for an additional 1.5 to 24 hours after your workout is over

2. Eat more salmon

Fish and other foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids can help balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and reduce resistance to leptin, the fat-burning hormone. Leptin controls your metabolism, hunger, and energy expenditure. Salmon, tuna, herring, and other fish high in Omega-3s help increase your leptin levels and can help speed up a sluggish metabolism.

3. Get some sun

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how we’re connected to the natural world. Our bodies are actually meant to work by the earth’s clock. Exposure to sunlight in the morning can help reset your body’s systems and jumpstart your metabolism. Walking to work or walking your dog in the morning sunlight can help remind your body that it’s time to get in gear.

4. Work standing up

If you have a desk job, standing while you work may have a powerful effect on your metabolism.  One study showed that young adults who worked sitting down burned 1.02 calories per minute, compared to 1.36 calories per minute while standing. Those calories add up over time. New research also suggests that interrupting prolonged sitting with two minutes of activity can boost your metabolism. That’s another reason to make a trip to the water cooler.

5. Eat dark chocolate

Studies have shown some really great benefits to eating dark chocolate, including:

  • It slows digestion so you feel fuller for longer
  • It helps reduce cravings for sugary, fatty, salty foods
  • It lowers blood pressure and stress cortisol levels, and reduces bad cholesterol
  • The monounsaturated fats it contains help you burn fat
  • It helps lower your BMI (body mass index)

As if we needed any more than one excuse to eat a piece of chocolate, right?  

6. Make time to relax

Sometimes it seems like the busier we are, the more calories we should be burning, right? Unfortunately, stressed-out living actually makes it harder to lose weight. One 2014 study showed that women who were more stressed had slower metabolism and burned less fat than those who were stress-free. If you make time every day for a walk, some quiet time, a relaxing bath, or any other activity that helps you to wind down, you may actually boost your metabolism.

7. vitamin injections or lipotropic injections

People often come to us at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego when they’ve tried everything but still can’t seem to lose weight. Often, what we find is that the answer is not in how much they’re eating or working out but how their bodies are processing the nutrients.  

No one wants to feel like their workouts are for nothing, but sometimes our bodies are missing vital nutrients that help us turn our fat into energy. Vitamin injections and lipotropic injections can provide the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to help break down carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.  These injections are a wonderful supplement to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.  

And best of all, they get results!

If you’re struggling to lose weight, come see us at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego today or give us a call at (619) 866-3333.