The Best Skincare Products


Beautiful skin is a sign of good health, and a good skincare routine with quality products can help keep you looking radiant, healthy, and youthful.  A good skincare routine with quality products can help keep you looking radiant, healthy, and youthful. At Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego, we’re committed to helping you look and feel your best in any way we can.

In addition to our weight loss programs, body contouring procedures, and skin treatments, we’ve also partnered up with Le Mieux Cosmetics to provide our clients with the best skincare products on the market. Le Mieux offers a wide range of facial cleansers and skin toners, body scrub exfoliators and facial masks—and everything in between.

Take a look below at the types of products everyone should incorporate into their skincare routine—and a few of the Le Mieux offerings that can help address the needs of your particular skin.


When it comes to taking care of your skin, a great cleanser is key. Cleansing helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells, prevent pimples and acne, and keep your skin glowing. The type of cleanser you use will depend on your skin type and your particular skin concerns. Le Mieux offers a wide variety of cleansers, including:    

  • Phyto-Nutrient Cleansing Gel– Features 12 botanical extracts that help to remove impurities and improve hydration, tone, and texture. Best for normal, combination, oily, and sensitive skin.

  • Exfoliating Cleansing Gel – An oil-free deep pore cleanser formulated for combination skin and oily, blemish-prone skin.

  • Peptide Foam Cleanser – This age-defying formula helps keep skin luminous and hydrated. Best for dry, mature skin.


Exfoliation is an important step in your skincare routine because it helps slough away the dead skin cells that stand between you and radiant skin.  Not only does the removal of those old dry cells reveal the fresh new skin beneath, but it also allows your moisturizers and serums to penetrate more deeply and work more effectively.   We offer a range of Le Mieux exfoliants, including:

  • Microderm Exfoliant – A gentle microdermabrasion scrub that eliminates impurities and enhances skin tone and texture. Best for normal, combination, oily, and acne-prone skin.

  • Vita-C Clear Skin Pad – Each pad is infused botanical extracts, a combination of citric, lactic, tartaric, and glycolic acids, and Vitamin C to gently exfoliate and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Best for dry, mature skin.

  • Skin Clarifying Pad – These gentle exfoliating pads nourish and sooth skin to eliminate active blemishes, relieve irritation, and prevent future breakouts. Best for normal, combination, oily, and acne-prone skin.


Dry skin is the enemy of a healthy complexion. The drier your skin, the more likely you’ll develop wrinkles and the more prominent the wrinkles you already have will become. As if that’s not enough, dry skin also leads to a dull, flaky complexion, and increases the likelihood of an acne breakout. A quality moisturizer from Le Mieux line is one of the best defenses against dry skin.  Here are three:

  • Essence Moisturizer – A lightweight anti-aging spray formula that moisturizes and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream – A rich, long lasting moisturizing cream featuring peptides and exotic oils.

  • 24 Hr. Age Defying Cream – Enriched with vitamins and peptides, this cream promotes firmness, resilience, and hydration for up to 24 hours.

We can help you Get gorgeous, youthful skin

The items listed above are just a small sample of the Le Mieux products we carry. Whether you’re looking for skin toners, facial masks, serums, sun care, or even skincare devices, Le Mieux has a variety of products that will address your skincare needs. We also carry Le Mieux sets that bundle the necessary essentials for fighting acne, defying the aging process, or boosting your skin’s radiance.

We highly recommend that you come in to see us at Medarts Weight Loss Specialists in San Diego so we can assess your skin and advise you on which products will help reveal your most beautiful skin—and the confidence that comes with it.

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